trentar: Trentar Group acquires 75% of the shares in UAV manufacturer TM Aerospace


NEW DELHI: Trentar Group has acquired 75 percent of the shares in UAV manufacturer TM Aerospace, the company announced in an official announcement.
The acquisition will focus on commercializing high quality and specialty UAVs for both the commercial and defense segments, not just in India but worldwide.
It will help make India independent and self-sufficient across the UAV ecosystem, the company said.
Trentar recently acquired Trishula, by far the only Indian company offering a complete UAV propulsion system that is 100% designed, developed and manufactured in India.
Subodh Menon, founder of Trentar, commented on the collaboration: “A fully indigenous world-class UAV ecosystem is the vision we have for Trentar. The acquisition of TMA will help India develop, manufacture and support world-class UAV systems entirely in India, High Kinetic Energy Munition Systems, the world’s first of its kind, and the MALE platform are part of our commitment to unifying Indian defense and will also make India a leading player in these specialty and new age segments. ”
The company had also acquired a stake in GarudaUAV, a leading drone-based service and platform company.
Trentar had previously committed to invest Rs 100 crore over 3 years to develop and build specialized drones for defense and civil use with indigenous subsystems.
The Bangalore-based company will soon launch several variants of its Fixed Wing VTOLS suitable for civil, defense and high altitude use.
Its precision-guided, high kinetic energy ammunition system, slated for launch in 2022, will prove to be a game changer in electronic warfare.
Recently, TMA also committed to manufacturing and marketing its own MALE UAVs (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) for the defense sector.
Mohsin Pasaha, Founder of TM Aerospace, said, “Since its inception, TMA has continuously innovated and been successful in developing 3 major UAV platforms. We are pretty confident that this acquisition will help us get these platforms to the world quickly Market. ”


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