Tesla and Musk will soon enter a new lucrative industry


Elon Musk and Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc. report seem ready for a new challenge.

The serial entrepreneur is one step closer to his ambition to turn Tesla cars into living rooms on four wheels, where passengers can be entertained by watching streaming movies and TV shows, even playing their favorite video games, or just doing something other than once to drive activates the autonomous driving system.

We’re still a long way from autonomously driving Tesla vehicles, even though the manufacturer of premium and luxury electric vehicles has already made great strides with Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, the very advanced version of its Autopilot driver assistance system. The system is also the subject of numerous investigations by regulatory agencies, most notably the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

But that’s not stopping Tesla from moving forward. Musk’s group continues to expand their building. Little by little, the company is adding pieces to ensure that when the last piece, the autonomy, is available, it is enough to put it down so that everything shines.

Teslas will soon become video game platforms

A part as important as driving autonomy seems to be finished now. This piece touches on the very lucrative video game industry. Musk just hinted that Steam’s integration with Tesla’s infotainment system is complete. The company will demonstrate it in August.

steam will allow Tesla to add more than 50,000 additional video games to its system, greatly expanding the choices for Tesla vehicle owners.

“Did you know your @tesla is a gaming console?” asked a Twitter user on the platform on July 15. “My kids love the great games on our Tesla. Tesla makes a phone on wheels that gets better with time. @elonmusk”.

Musk used this post to make an announcement that the video industry, competitors, and Tesla customers have been waiting for since he indicated in February that his teams are hard at work integrating Steam.

“We are making progress on the Steam integration. Demo likely next month,” the billionaire said without giving any further details.

“Nice. It would be fun to play some classic beat ’em ups like Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there,” gushed one Twitter user.

“That would be awesome 👏,” responded another.

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“How long before I can play Fall Guys?” said another, referring to a popular video game.

A new feature?

This excitement from Tesla fans reflects the potential of Steam, which could become an additional revenue stream for the electric vehicle maker. By accessing the Steam library from Tesla Arcade, the video game portion of Tesla’s infotainment system, Tesla can offer a new service that the group could bill its customers for.

Steam is both an online content sales platform, a personalized game library accessible over the web, and a community platform.

Thus, it is possible to buy a very large number of products, especially video games, on this platform. This is not a purchase of the physical product (box and CD) but the computer version so you can download the game straight to your computer once the transaction is complete.

Steam is well known for being the platform that offers one of the largest selections of video games in the world. They come from all walks of life and from all publishers, whether small independent games or large games from international development teams.

Whether you are looking for the immersion of role-playing games, the realism of simulation games, strategy games, or the unexpected of adventure games, all types of video game entertainment are offered on the platform for all types of audiences.

Since the introduction of video games in Arcade in 2019, the system currently offers around 20 games. As a result, Steam is a game changer for Tesla.

However, we’re excited for next month’s demo to see how Tesla has managed to technically integrate the most advanced games that exist on Steam, even with Tesla vehicles already sporting high-end graphics cards in the media Have control units and in the electronic control units.

Arcade is also the focus of an NHTSA investigation after reports surfaced that drivers could play video games on the car’s touchscreen while driving. The probe was followed by an investigation The New York Times in Tesla’s video game features highlighting the so-called “passenger game” option.

The report states that an update to Tesla’s software package added at least three games that drivers could access while the car was driving – and that Tesla signals in a warning that appears before the game starts that it “does this and that.” Play” while the car is in motion is for passengers only.” The outlet reports that a button asks if the player is a passenger, but a driver can also play by simply touching it.

Tesla had decided to disable the Passenger Play feature.


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