SOMA Labs’ new synthesizer is built into a single piece of wood


Moscow-based instrument maker SOMA Labs has introduced a new microtonal synthesizer in a wooden case.

The TERRA synthesizer can produce a variety of digital sounds, says the manufacturer. It features 32 different algorithms, each designed as a complete instrument in its own right.

The synthesizer is also equipped with a unique keyboard that features a series of sensors to provide timbre control and pitch shifting. SOMA Labs says people can use the keyboard to tune notes with great accuracy, while the sounds it can produce are able to mimic the range of a grand piano.

The synthesizer is still in the development phase, but a prototype will be presented on May 13th at the Superbooth, the Berlin trade fair for electronic musical instruments. According to SOMA Labs, different versions of the synthesizer will ultimately be made.

In a note to his websiteIntroducing the new product, SOMA Labs said, “The goal is to free the musician from tedious programming, set hundreds of parameters to create a timbre, and instead focus directly on music and performance.”

Below you can watch a video showing how the TERRA synthesizer can be used.

Roland also introduced a new line of musical instruments this week in the form of synth and vocal processors, as well as a drum sequencer.


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