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German inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG has launched a new three-phase inverter series for applications in residential and commercial PV projects with outputs of up to 135 kW.

The Sunny Tripower X devices have a system manager function connected to the company’s Sunny Portal for holistic, intelligent energy management ennexOS.

“The Sunny Tripower X not only takes over the monitoring, management and grid-compliant power control of up to five inverters, but also enables participation in the energy market,” says the manufacturer. “It will also be able to manage battery storage systems and loads.”

The new line includes four versions with power ratings of 12kW, 15kW, 20kW and 25kW. It also features three independent MPP trackers and six string inputs. The inverters ensure grid-compliant power control of entire systems and enable oversizing of PV systems by up to 150%.

The devices measure 728mm x 762mm x 266mm and weighs 35kg. They have efficiencies of up to 98.3% and a European efficiency of up to 98.0%. The maximum input voltage is 1,000V and the MPP voltage range is from 206V to 800V. It also features has an operating temperature range of -25 C to 60 C and IP65 protection.

Thanks to the wide input voltage range and the high input current capability, it is compatible with the latest generation of high-performance PV modules,” says SMA. “The innovative housing design ensures efficient cooling of the electronic components and thus guarantees a maximum service life for the Sunny Tripower X.”

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