Identiv, OTACA Tequilla develop NFC-enabled intelligent packaging


NFC gives consumers the opportunity to connect with the brand while also verifying their authenticity.

David Savastano, editor03/11/21

Smart packaging gives key stakeholders – brand owners, retailers and consumers – the opportunity to network with one another while realizing their own individual benefit. In particular, consumers have the opportunity to learn more about the brand, which helps develop brand loyalty and at the same time can authenticate the product. The brand benefits as consumers can use the app to place new orders while learning more about the company. The latest partnership between Identiv and OTACA Tequila, in which the NTAG 210u NFC-enabled tags from Identiv drive the new intelligent packaging solution for OTACA, is a perfect example of this. “Partnering with Identiv gives us a team of design experts to build a transparent digital experience that enables us to share the story of our tequila with customers at the point of sale and in their own homes,” said Anthony Accetta, CEO and co-founder, OTACA Tequila, on announcing the collaboration. “With a tap, custom

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