Ford and Holden muscle car icons achieve record auction prices


V8 muscle cars are bringing back exceptional prices, with three limited edition Australian classics attracting mega-bids from collectors.

Classic Australian muscle cars are booming in value, with models from the 1970s, 1990s, and 2010s attracting bids of $ 1 million or more this weekend.

Lloyds Auctions reported a record price for an Australian street car with a result of 1.3 million US dollars for a Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III in “Yellow Glo” with a white vinyl roof.

A collector also spent $ 50,000 on a digital model of the Falcon and joined the “NFT” trend for electronic artwork.

The classic Falcon was almost snatched by an incredibly rare HSV GTSR W1 Ute, one of four Holden Special Vehicles built in the last few days as an Australian manufacturer.

The Ute was handed over for $ 1.25 million, with a sale expected to be privately agreed this week.

A more common four-door version of the same car sold for $ 750,000.

The star of the show for Holden fans was a HSV VS GTSR from 1996 with only 86 kilometers on the track.

With an interior still wrapped in protective plastic, the hot Commodore delivered a $ 1 million result for its patient owner.

Lee Hames, chief operating officer of Lloyds Auctions, said thousands of Australians could have surprisingly valuable cars in the shed.

“Holdens and Fords continue to appreciate,” he said.

“Anything that has a limited design, a celebrity affiliation, a significant story, or chrome-plated bumpers is constantly increasing in value, and we ask any Holden or Ford enthusiast looking for advice to give us a call right away.”


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