Energy bill warning as thousands risk debt or be cut off


ENERGIE customers are warned that if they don’t pay bills they could face debt collectors or gas and electricity supplies could be cut off.

A social media movement known as the Don’t Pay campaign has urged Brits to stop paying their bills after record profits amid the cost of living crisis.


Energy customers are warned about debt

The campaign compares its plans to the Poll Tax revolt of the late 1980s and 1990s.

don’t pay which is followed by 64,100 people on Twitter, stressed that BP, Shell and British Gas have “already made tens of billions in profits this year… Don’t pay for their profits”.

The revolt comes as household energy bills hit £3,600 a year this winter.

But charities warn that households may face “serious consequences” if they stop paying their bills.

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Richard Lane of debt relief agency StepChange warned: “If you don’t pay your gas or electricity bills, your supplier can collect your debt through a collection agency.

“You can also get a court order to enter your home to install a prepaid card meter.”

He added that each debt would be added to your meter and the amount subtracted each week.

He added: “Your supplier can also remove the gauge and cut your supply, but luckily this is incredibly rare.

“If you’re behind on your household bills and worried about how you’re going to pay, it’s important not to wait to get help.”

Money Advice Trust’s Jane Tully said: “If you can afford it, paying your bills is important. However, if you find it difficult, your utility company needs to treat you fairly and it’s important to get in touch to discuss your options.

“They may be able to offer support or agree on a more favorable repayment plan.

“Your supplier can also advise you on accessing financial assistance, and there are a number of trust funds that may be able to help.”

An Ofgem spokesman said: “We know this is an incredibly difficult time for many people whose bills are increasing due to very high wholesale gas prices.

“While we cannot bring down the price of gas that is causing these high bills, we will do everything in our power to ensure people are treated fairly by their energy companies.

“This includes our recent action to ensure suppliers do not overcharge their direct debits and we have made it clear that we will take action when suppliers fail to meet their responsibilities or overcharge.”

What help can I get to help me with my energy bills?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to escape rising energy prices.

When the cost of living and inflation rise, everyone will be affected.

However, help is available through various programs and funds.

British Gas has a hardship fund, which can mean you can borrow up to £1,500 free cash to meet your bills.

If you have a prepaid meter, you can get a one-time fuel voucher. You’ll need to contact your supplier directly to see what’s on offer and if you might be eligible.

The Household Support Fund also helps support families during the cost of living crisis, providing you with cash to pay your bills or groceries.

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced earlier this year that every household would receive a £400 rebate on their energy bill.

Pensioners can get an extra £300 in November or December.

If you’re having trouble with your bills, these organizations are here to help:

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