Corvallis Tech Company sold for $ 541 million


Inpria, a small Corvallis technology company, was acquired on Friday, September 17, by JSR Corporation, a Japanese semiconductor materials company, for $ 541 million.

Inpria originally split from Oregon State University’s Department of Chemistry in 2007. The OSU has retained a certain stake in the company, although a confidentiality agreement prevents them from saying what the stake is. Of the company’s 50 employees, 45 are based in Oregon.

Inpria specializes in the manufacture of advanced computer chips and works in extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV), a process that reduces the size of patterns printed on computer chips – a key to modern chips. The smaller patterns allow faster calculation and higher energy efficiency. Ironically, the machines needed to do this are roughly the size of a bus. Inpria uses a photosensitive material called metal oxide photoresists to reduce defects.

Computer chips make up a significant part of Oregon’s industry and account for 60% of annual exports. Oregon’s chip industry is growing in the face of global electronics shortages; Intel is the state’s largest employer, with 21,000 employees in Washington County locations.

JSR Corp. already established a broader presence in Oregon in 2019 than the construction on $ 100 million Hillsboro factory. Still, Inpria has claimed that it will maintain its Corvallis operations and operate separately from the petrochemical company’s Hillsboro and Beaverton sites.

By Jalen Todd

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