Collection agency Hunter Warfield is seeking a $235,000 class action settlement


Hunter Warfield agreed to a $235,000 settlement to resolve claims it had made excessive collection calls to Massachusetts residents.

The settlement will benefit Massachusetts residents who received two debt collection calls within a seven-day period between May 16, 2015 and June 6, 2019.

Hunter war field is a debt collection agency that provides services to multiple industries. Hunter Warfield has over $574 million in successful collections over his three decades of debt collection services, according to the company’s website.

However, while collecting debts from Massachusetts clients, Hunter Warfield may have violated state debt collection laws with harassing phone calls.

A 2019 class-action lawsuit alleges the collection agency called customers with an “excessive and harassing frequency” in violation of Massachusetts debt collection regulations.

Under these regulations, collection agencies cannot call Massachusetts more than once in a seven-day period, regardless of the outcome of a call. As long as a lender can reach the consumer and leave a voice message, it is considered a call.

Plaintiff says he received more than two calls from Hunter Warfield in seven days. For example, Hunter Warfield allegedly called the plaintiff three times in seven days in January 2019 and April 2019. In addition, according to the plaintiff, he repeatedly received voicemails from the company.

According to the debt collection class action lawsuit, these harassing phone calls were distracting, an inconvenience and caused the plaintiff anger, anxiety, emotional distress, fear and frustration. In addition, the calls allegedly wasted the plaintiff’s time and energy.

Hunter Warfield has not admitted wrongdoing but has agreed to resolve those allegations with a $235,000 class action lawsuit.

Under the terms of the Hunter-Warfield Settlement, class members may reclaim a cash payment. The exact payment amounts depend on the number of Class Members involved in the Settlement, although each Class Member receives an equal share of the Net Settlement Fund.

If there is any money left over after the first round of settlement checks, a second round of payments may be distributed to the members of the class who cashed their first check. If the funds do not warrant additional distribution, the remaining funds will be donated to a Cypriot recipient. No settlement funds will be returned to Hunter Warfield.

The objection period is August 8th, 2022. There is no cut-off period mentioned on the comparison page.

The final hearing on the Hunter Warfield settlement is scheduled for October 25, 2022.

To reclaim a cash settlement payment, class members must submit a valid claim form by August 8, 2022.


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