CK attracts new businesses from the greater Toronto area


Bloomfield Business Park is getting a new generation of businesses.

Mannat Gears and Differentials Inc. and Ontime 4 Logistics Inc. plan to buy about three acres of land in Bloomfield Business Park for $266,110 and move their headquarters from Mississauga to Chatham. Mannat Gears and Differentials Inc. recently purchased 5.5 acres in Blenheim Business Park to build a large warehouse and would like to have all of its operations in Chatham-Kent.

Mannat Gears and Differentials is an auto parts manufacturer specializing in light and heavy duty transmission and steering parts. Its main customers are auto parts importers, distributors, retailers and repairers worldwide.

Ontime 4 Logistics, a shipping and operations company that provides logistical solutions for its customers, is currently located in Mississauga and plans to relocate all of its operations to Chatham as well.

The new facility is expected to employ at least eight full-time employees and six part-time employees, including warehouse forklift drivers, packing, shipping and receptionists, accountants and office managers.

Mayor Canniff said it’s always exciting when the community attracts new industries and creates jobs.

“They liked Chatham-Kent so much that they are moving their headquarters here. So they leave the GTA and come here. Both are looking for very quick deals because they want to move and build out there. This is very exciting news for Chatham-Kent,” Canniff said.

A soon-to-be formed company is also looking to relocate its operations from the greater Toronto area to Chatham and is proposing to purchase 2.5 acres in Bloomfield Business Park for $222,500.

The facility is expected to employ at least 15 to 20 full-time, high-paying engineering and electrical positions, with additional jobs created by future tenants. Two thirds of the 30,000 square meter area will be used by the group consisting of three companies, while the remaining 10,000 square meters will initially be rented out.

A report presented to the council on Monday night says companies estimate they have the potential to triple their workforce if they grow and if they manage to find qualified staff.

Zirconium Consultancy Services is currently based in Guelph and provides security services to the manufacturing sector.

Attesta International Safety Certification Inc. is currently based in Mississauga and provides electrical safety testing, inspection and field assessment services.

Quantum First Automation Inc. operates out of Mississauga and manufactures high quality electrical and electronic components.

The three companies currently provide electrical components, inspection and maintenance, and repair services to major automakers.

Canniff said it didn’t take much to convince her to move to Chatham and things went very quickly from the start.

“It goes back to laying the groundwork. We’ve got the country, we’ve got location, location, location, and we’ve advertised and they’ve seen the advertisement. They came and it went pretty quickly,” Mayor Canniff said. “They came by and within two weeks of talking to them, they made an offer. It’s exciting, people are realizing Chatham-Kent is the place to be.”

An agreement says the municipality can buy back the land at the original price if the buyers don’t start construction within a year.

The council will vote on these land purchases at its Monday night meeting.


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