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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2021 / Knock-offs and counterfeit products are becoming more and more common and convincing in the age of eCommerce. Because of this unfortunate trend, it is becoming increasingly risky to spend a lot of money on an unverified product. With many companies paying ordinary people for five-star reviews, it becomes increasingly difficult to find honest, unbiased reviews. This harms customers, retailers, and legitimate small businesses that lack the established credibility of bigger brands. CarAudioNow founder Kameron Scott believes this is a serious and pervasive problem and we need to work quickly to build a more productive and trustworthy market for everyone.

How CarAudioNow found its way
Kameron Scott is an avid and true expert in audio equipment for the automotive and marine industries, and is the founder, owner, and manager of AutoAudioNow. He created the website to share his knowledge and passion with the world. Tired of the landscape of inferior content and disguised ads, he claims that CarAudioNow was built to be “the last bastion of honest content in the industry”. As such, they have strict standards for their content and ratings. Reviewers wishing to write for the site must demonstrate their skills or qualifications before they can post. Kameron explains, “In the age of online shopping, consumers need real reviews to make decisions about what they want.”

After having worked in product management for almost seven years, Kameron spent many nights and weekends building and maintaining the CarAudioNow brand over the past ten years: actively looking for interesting products to review for the website and, of course, cool stuff for both the road and the water. The website was launched in 2010 as a local automotive and marine e-commerce store that enables users to find, buy and source products locally. The website was renamed in 2011, moving from an ecommerce store to a product reviews and how-to website with an emphasis on core vehicle products such as car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, satnavs, and more. The focus of the website has expanded to include a variety of consumer electronic products since the rebranding.

A bleak future for honest reviews
Additional issues may arise for affiliate sites like CarAudioNow. “As the owner of an affiliate website that uses affiliate links to generate income, I am concerned about the ongoing onslaught of websites that are being outsourced and built with bad content, written by people who are unfamiliar with their subject Blackhat use techniques to build their web presence, ”he explains. “I think over time it will become more and more difficult to build an online presence on Google as Google struggles to combat these inferior websites by overindexing the largest publishers.” As a result, smaller websites like CarAudioNow struggle with the tide. Affiliate sites can offer legitimate value to consumers, especially if they are written by experienced people who know their industry and care about their readers. The team hopes that one day Google will find a way to suppress substandard content and promote the authenticity its website is dedicated to.

Looking for your own path to success
The website was created with a “work hard first, enjoy later” mentality. Founder Kameron Scott eschews every typical road to success, from the standard 8-hour week to the “get rich quick” program; Instead, he shares the simple philosophy that hard work leads to success. He advises others to expect hard work and little help on the path to success. “Find something you love and work hard to be better than others. Keep working hard until you are successful. “Kameron says,” Success is how you define it, not how others portray it. Be honest with yourself about how you define success and you are much more likely to achieve it. “

About the future of the automotive audio industry
The CarAudioNow team is cautiously optimistic about the future of the industry. “The automotive and marine stereo electronics industries are not going to go away anytime soon,” says Kameron. “Audiophiles will always want to take concert quality music with them wherever they go.” Technology itself may change as factory systems become more sophisticated and integrated, but there will always be new products that improve the sound quality in our vehicles – and there will always be first-time buyers looking for advice. Over time, they aim to become one of the most trusted sources in the country for automotive and marine electronics content and reviews.

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