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The UK government intends to relax testing requirements for international travelers coming to England before the school break, which will boost the travel industry affected by the spread of Covid-19, the Transport Secretary said.

The rules will be updated before schools have a week of vacation starting October 26th, with an announcement in the coming days. The government announced that it would change the rules at the end of this month.

“The travel industry that got into this crisis first [and] last coming out has suffered tremendously in many ways – there are a lot of jobs at stake, “Grant Shapps told Sky News on Friday.

“We still need a test [but] We’re going to move that from a PCR test, the expensive one you have to send to a lab, to a lateral flow test, ”he added.

Concern has been expressed that the removal of PCR tests that allow genome sequencing could make tracking the spread of variants of Covid-19 strains difficult.

However, Shapps said that additional requirements were added to the rules.

“Reassuringly, when you come back from somewhere, you do a lateral flow, you get a positive result, you can get a free NHS-PCR test the normal way,” he said.

The Secretary of Transportation also welcomed the easing of travel restrictions from the UK to the US while the US has yet to be opened to UK visitors.

“The big one we’re waiting for in November. . . the US has announced that it will reopen to UK visitors, ”Shapps said. However, he was unable to give a specific date for the rule change.

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