Allison / Zhongtong team delivers 211 CNG buses to Yerevan


Allison and the Chinese manufacturer Zhongtong Bus have jointly delivered 211 city vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) equipped with the supplier’s T 270 transmission with retarder to reach the Armenian capital, Yerevan.

Looking for a bus that would suit its hot summers, cold winters, and narrow downtown streets, Yerevan decided that natural gas buses would be best in the densely populated metropolis.

The Zhongtong bus is powered by a 200 hp Weichai CNG Euro V engine and an Allison T 270 fully automatic transmission with a gross input torque of 900 Nm. The transmission has six forward gears, one reverse gear and an integrated retarder, which extends the service life of the brakes and lowers maintenance costs.

“Allison’s fully automatic transmission features Allison’s patented Continuous Power Technology, which enables gear changes that are convenient for passengers,” said Zhongtong Bus North China director Zhang Zhengwei.

“Its torque converter technology multiplies engine torque to greatly improve startability and take-off, resulting in higher operating productivity that maximizes the benefits of a natural gas engine.”

While a manual or automated transmission (AMT) loses power with every shift, Allison’s fully automatic transmission increases power and accelerates speed, resulting in lower fuel consumption and fewer pollutant emissions.

Like all fully automatic Allison transmissions, the Allison T 270 transmission is equipped with Allison’s 5th generation electronic control. Allison fully automatic machines only require regular oil and filter changes.

“The partnership between Zhongtong and Allison began in 2007 and the two sides have built a lasting relationship for more than a decade,” added David Wu, GM of Allison Transmission China.

“Allison is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for commercial vehicles with a large global sales and service network.

“We will continue to provide high quality products and services to Zhongtong.”


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