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The city has been ravaged by vandals who damaged about $ 800 on the pedestrian crossing buttons in the street and sprayed derogatory words about the city police at the Brandon Park band. The topic was dealt with in the public works council meeting this week.

Councilor Bonnie Katz, chair of the committee, said the language on the park shell was pornographic.

Roads and parks department workers who repaired the light-timer systems on West Fourth and William Streets on Wednesday before the onset of rain reported the damage to the Sun Gazette.

The youngest people affected are those who have to cross busy intersections, including those in the disabled community, said Keith Segraves, the city’s maintenance foreman. The pedestrian crossing buttons that are attached to poles at intersections have been unscrewed and taken away, he said.

He noticed how one of the public works officials realized the disappearance was coming to work.

Fortunately, the department had these in stock and replaced them on short notice, he said.

Similar vandalism has occurred with the pedestrian button on West Fourth and Pine Streets, he said.

Repairing, replacing parts, and cleaning up all take up time that city workers could otherwise spend keeping the city running, he said.

Another area where public works are frequently trashed is around the Pennsylvania College of Technology, particularly on Vine Avenue, where department staff discovered that stop signs have been removed.

The department’s staff have notified college police of these incidents, Katz said.

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